the proposal

So, it happened. It was wonderful, exciting and not to ruin the ending but…she said yes! 

But to say it went off without a hitch would be, well, a lie. Of course we knew that sandy, the frankenstorm was on her way but as the day grew nearer, so did the looming threat of my beautifully planned proposal being washed down the drains of Massachusettes Avenue. So I grew anxious, restless and needless to say, bitchy.

I couldn’t sleep and every time I ate I though I was going to throw up. By October 28th I was in panic mode but carefully maintained a careless exterior. This was not simple. I also was trying to finalize plans with her parents, my parents, the dj, the flashmob, the choreographer, and every one of my friends who knew this was happening wanted to ask me how I was feeling. ugh. the stress. 

My cousin had come into town the day before to help calm my nerves and thank god she did or I just may not have made it. 

Now I have heard most proposal stories that begin with agitation during the day of the proposal with the significant other. By this I mean the girlfriend thought he was going to do it all day and was so angry that it wasn’t happening. Or of course the boyfriend/girlfriend is so nervous that they push away from their better half and it obviously results in resentment and confusion on the part of the askee. 

Well my day did not begin any differently. All day it seemed as though Jerilyn and I were at odds with each other. We were short and snippy  and of course I was on my phone all day which did not ease my sweetheart’s anger. I mean honestly after months of lies and sneaking around I was just about to burst and I really really wanted it all to just be over with (but not really). I had formed an emotion with a a good friend about a year ago that describes this feeling perfectly… we call it nervcited. Nervcited is fun when your more “cited” than “nerved” but eventually it evolved to the emotion I like to call…. “gonna lose my damn mind”.

So let’s summarize a bit. We are on the brink of experiencing worst hurricane on record for the east coast, girlfriend is angry at me, she’s unknowingly sabotaging my plans, and I am so nervous I’m about to pee.

Her parents arrive and I know that the dancers, choreographer, and flashmobbers are already there. I am in text with one of my best friends who knows my whereabouts to the minute. We arrive and I send the message “rounding the corner”…deep breath. 

My mother runs up to us with open arms for big hugs and then shortly after I hear the music start. A couple of the dancers trickle out and begin the routine I’ve seen a hundred times. For some reason it seems so new this time. My mother and I turn to look at Jerilyn’s expression to see if she is intrigued by the beginnings of a flashmob…the only look on her face is…disinterested. 

I attempt to engage her by mildly gawking at the numerous people dancing in front of us while I attempt to contain the  huge grin that I feel bursting through. 

Finally its my turn and I swing around to kiss her before I casually walk into the mob and start dancing along with them. She admits later that she really thought I was just joining in the flashmob because I thought I knew what I was doing. which i would never do…cough. A few moments later I’m down on one knee, asking the girl that changed my life to let me be in hers forever. 

I will never forget that moment and all of the people that made it possible. I honestly would not change one thing about that day and luckily neither would she.



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