falling into place

Fall is here!! I love fall and so does Jerilyn. We’ve gone apple picking, decorated the apartment for halloween, made an apple pie…ugh its just wonderful. And things for the proposal are finally falling into place…

Tomorrow at 7:15 pm marks one month till the big day. I get more excited and nervous with every passing minute. So many steps have already been taken but there is still so much planning to do!

The hardest thing I am finding is the lying! I have to lie about all of the things I’m doing to prepare and as anyone who knows me can attest I am a HORRIBLE liar. Seriously I smile the entire time and occasionally giggle…its that bad. Luckily every time I have to meet up with someone to plot I have been able to easily cover it up and not have to lie about much.

The talk with her dad went exceptionally well for example. I was super nervous we weren’t going to be able to have a chance to be alone to talk but it basically the situation practically fell into our laps. We went out to dinner with her family on one of our regular visits to Rhode Island to celebrate her Auntie Toni’s and Auntie Sue’s birthdays. The wait at the restaurant was forty five minutes so there was a lot of debate about whether to stay or wait it out. Finally we conceded that Mr. Sawyer and I would stay with grandma and wait, while auntie Toni, mom and Jerilyn went to the store.

Grandma and I waited in the lobby and then her dad  came over and asked me if he could show me something at the bar. Once we were there he bought me a beer…

“not gonna get one of those three dollar beers are ya?” he says, referring to my regular selection of craft beers.

“no, no a bud is fine” I say, trying to move on from that quickly.

“SO,” he says “what do you want to talk to me about?”….

“well…” i say as my heart starts racing “I think you know that I care about Jerilyn very much and I think that she cares about me too…and well I think that we both …er…really love each other and are ready to begin our lives together…and we um want to take our relationship to the next level…and I was hoping that I could have your uh permission?”

“well what’s that next step gonna be?” he smiles at me

damn he’s gonna make me say it…“well you know uh…marriage!” I finally stammer out.

He smiles and says “you know Jerilyn is a very special girl and she means the world to me…and you know what? You’re a very special girl too…you have my permission I am a hundred and ten percent on board. I’m excited to see the life you two share, I know it is going to be great”


So we chat for a little longer, grab our beers and head out to meet grandma. When we got back everyone was waiting outside for us. We said we were just talkin politics and  drinkin beers at the bar,  neglecting grandma. Who was torn up about how we left her there.

But nothing was harder than seeing Jerilyn after that and not grabbing her and yelling in her face “HE SAID YES!!!”

…but I managed to contain my enthusiasm and just wore a big grin for the remainder of the evening.

Mission accomplished.

After that I had to lie about meeting with Hannah to plan out the dancing. It was easy enough as I was already meeting my friend Katrina for lunch and just slipped my meeting with Hannah in right before…. sooo sneaky!

Then I had to meet with the DJ…who by the way is DJ Leah V otherwise known as Leah McFly and she is the most bad ass lesbian DJ on the east coast. She is so pumped to do this for us and I am even more pumped to have her! awesome.

That one I covered up with meeting another friend for drinks while she auditioned for the singer showcase at Berklee (WHICH by the way she is IN!!! I am so proud of this girl I can’t even put it into words…300 Berklee students aka the best of the freakin best auditioned…they picked like 10 singers and she is one of them…amazing, seriously)

Anyhoo that one went off without a hitch. I have been very good trying to delete all of my emails, texts, etc so she does not see but it is so tough! She already caught me on one call and asked me why I called an old friend who I never talk to. But I was so surprised and caught off guard I couldnt come up with anything! Totally busted on that but it wasn’t anything major so it’s all good.

But everything is happening and I am SO excited. My cousin Adriana is coming up for the proposal and I cannot wait to…a) hang out with her finally and b) have someone to help me clean the poo from my pants on the day of.

I spoke with the guy from the haunted tour we are going on that night and he was sooo happy. Apparently they are very gay friendly so go Cambridge Haunts!

The DJ is all set just waiting on her to cut the track, we are gonna have rehearsals coming up, the most amazing person I know Briana Tartaglione, my best friend and roommate for the past four years is going to choreograph and I know it is going to be amazing….GAH…its happening.

Happy Fall Everyone!


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